Discover simple Repair Tips for Kitchener Roofing

Discover simple Repair Tips for Kitchener Roofing

Every day there is some new update in the technology. Henceforth, people are now moving towards “Do it yourself” (DIY) formula. They want to repair every broken item from the gutter to roof in their houses on their own.  DIY Kitchener roofing in Canada and especially managing the repair stuff is becoming popular day by day among everyone.

Major pain for people is water seeping which occurs through the roof. Other reasons are bad weather conditions and attack from pests.  These factors force you to repair your Kitchener roofing or else you may face a lot of expense.  In such a case you can opt for professionals who can mend the roofing or DIY.  

Check out the below-mentioned tips for roof repairs if you are choosing DIY:

  1. Locate the source of the leak

The first and foremost sign of a leaking roof is usually water stains on the ceiling. Use a ladder, stool or work from the ground with binoculars to see if there are any curled, cracked, or missing shingles. Also along with this, you should know that leaks can be found at points where shingles butt, where caulking and flashing have been damaged, or through end caps and tent-shaped shingles. Check around the chimney for any kind of loose materials, as well as for wear around chimney pipes and vents.

  1. Flatten curled shingles

This is another best way to repair Kitchener roofing. You can flatten and secure the curled shingles by applying a coat of asphalt roofing cement with a brush, or using other adhesive compounds in a caulk gun. Hold down the shingles’ corners, points, and edges as we do this to ensure they don’t lift up again.

  1. Replace damaged, rotten, and missing shingles

To remove a specifically damaged shingle, raise up the edges of the surrounding shingles and remove its nails with the help of a hammer or pry bar. The shingle will then slide out. Slide in and align the new shingle with those on any side and fasten it with galvanized roofing nails (make sure we hammer one in each corner of the shingle).

  1. Reseal chimneys and dormers

Using a caulking gun and roofing cement, we can stop the leaks that sometimes occur around chimneys and dormers, resealing the joints of the metal flashing.

  1. Remove the old roof

If you decide that you need professional roofers to replace your entire Kitchener roofing, then you can facilitate the process by removing the old roof shingles yourself. Some contractors may be inclined to leave the old roof in place and then build a new one on top of it. But with the roof cleared, inspection is easy.

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