Decorate Your Home For Fall

Decorate Your Home For Fall

The arrival of fall means cooler weather begins to breeze in, changing the leaves on the trees to warm tones and striking colours, and sending us indoors to grab a light sweater. The start of autumn is the perfect time for some light redecorating to cozy up the home for the season. This doesn’t mean a whole overhaul – simply adding some highlight pieces and finishing toucheswill bring an autumnal glow to your home.

An easy but effective change is switching out some of the artwork on the walls, particularly in the living room where larger pieces and family photos tend to go.Using your own photos of fall landscapes with reds, oranges, and yellows, children playing in the leaves, or your dog running up a hiking trail with sunlight dappled on the path is a lovely personal touch. You can turn your photos into metal prints or more traditional stretched canvases by uploading your pictures to a high-end, boutique photo printing shop.Every season, you can switch out the selection to suit the atmosphere you’re after.

Another beautiful and refreshing touch to bring autumn colours into your place is taking home some new plants and potted flowers. Chrysanthemums are fantastic choices because there is a big range of flower sizes, colours, and fullness to choose from.Other attractive choices in the warm and fiery palate are Aglaonema, which are easy to grow; Croton, which has bold yellows and subtle anthocyanin (reddish) tones; Anthurium, that have waxy and shiny leaf-like flowers in pink and red shades; Celosia, that features the full fall palate; Osteospermum, which has unique pinched, daisy-type petals in oranges and yellows; and Heleniums, which have big centers and beautiful rusty reds and golden tones. Check the tag to see if your favourites can withstand a bit of cooler weather and plant them in your gardens, too.

Accent pieces and little highlights can change the feel of a room. If your main furniture pieces are neutral, elements like throw pillows and blankets can be chosen in autumn shades to match. Then switch to something more festive for winter and the holidays, and so on. Pictures and their frames are small details that can change the look of a wall or side table. Candles placed around the room in warm colours, like natural golden beeswax pillar candles, light up the space and help clean the air. In the bathroom, switching up the hand towels and bath mat to rich browns, a burnt sienna, and subtle oranges are attractive choices.

Making your own handcrafted items is another inexpensive way to add fall flavour. These ideas from Country Living offers a cornucopia of inspiration. Some stand outs are a sparkling falling leaves garland, a magnolia pumpkin pot, pretty metallic paper-mâché bowls, painted acorns, rustic-looking burlap wine bottle covers, and tree branch coasters (please use wood that is already on the ground!).

With these autumn inspirations, your home can have that cozy and warm feeling for when the weather gets cool and crisp.

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