Creative Home Lighting Ideas with LED Strips

Creative Home Lighting Ideas with LED Strips

With the advancements and developments of LED lighting technology, gone are the days of slow-to-warm-up cold white LED bulbs. The wide variety of LEDs on offer today open the door for a lot of creative and innovative options for illuminating your home with LED. These environmentally, highly efficient lamps are now available in a wide range of colours, shapes, and lumen levels. LED light strips are flexible, and perfect for adding some unique ambience to any space.

LED strips are very versatile and customisable, and due to this they can easily be fitted in all manner of places, along with the handy adhesive backing or clips. LED is the obvious choice for illumination in areas you’ve only dreamed of – try installing them in these quirky places around your home to create an impact.

Stairs – LED light strips can be added to your stairs either below the railing or underneath the tread. Not only do they give a sleek look, but they will also help to make the stairs easier to navigate at night – low ambient lighting won’t wake you up like harsh overhead lighting would.

Ceiling Coving – installing LED strips in the ceiling coving of any space within your home is an inexpensive and convenient way to add some intrigue to your ceiling, and to highlight specific architectural details. Why not try using them to; create a warm and welcoming entryway, highlight ornate ceiling details, or to add subtle accent lighting and a unique modern twist to historical buildings.

Shelving – showing off your collection of favourite books, CDs, artwork or other pieces has never been easier. They can also be used to bring dark closets, cupboards and pantries easier to search through.

Picture Frames – adding LED strips to the back of a picture frame can actually enhance your photos, artwork or prints and make them stand out more. Since LEDs don’t emit any heat, it makes them safe to use with any piece.

Bathtub Rim – pretty much everyone knows about backlighting your bathroom mirror trick, but did you know that you can also add some relaxing ambient lighting to your bathroom by lighting up the bottom of your bathtub. Warning – being this relaxed might cause longer periods in the bath!

Screens – by placing LED strips on the back of your various screens, it helps to reduce eye strain by offsetting the brightness – plus is looks really cool!

Mirrors – want to be cool and futuristic? Backlighting a mirror is the new and improved take on the traditional vanity mirror bulbs set up. It helps to create a soft glow, and provides an even level of lighting, helping to make you look your best.

Furniture – more on the fun side than functional, adding some LED strip lights under your furniture adds a funky glow to any room in the house, and can actually help a small space appear larger. Some pieces of furniture to consider are; tables, beds and sofas!

Outdoors – LED strips can be used outdoors as well as indoors. They just have to be suited to the weather, waterproof is a must! They can be used to bring light to railings, decks, porches, stair treads and even patio furniture.

LED strip lights are the ideal choice for customising your home, as long as they are suited for the purpose that they are being used for, they can add the perfect ambience to any room. Now that you’ve been given the LED lighting bug, you can start to plan some unique LED illumination ideas for your own home.

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