Common Reasons to Replace Your Door Locks

Common Reasons to Replace Your Door Locks

Non-functioning door locks can make your house susceptible to burglaries and intrusion. A secure door lock is the first line of defense against burglars in your house. A door lock may give up as a result of several factors. Some of it may be accidents while some might be deliberate. But, regardless of the cause, the issue could put your home security and building infrastructure in jeopardy.

In fact, about 1 in every 15 unauthorized entries into a house happens with a key, which means that by simply changing the locks you can avoid a break-in. So, if you are new to your home or have given keys out to someone who may now be  untrustworthy it may be a good option for you.

Here are the most common situations when a lock change is necessary

A Lost or stolen key

Losing your keys can be extremely frustrating and even worse when you do not have a spare key. Stolen or lost keys of your home cause a security risk that requires lock replacement in Edwardsville IL with a new one. Even if you get back your stolen keys, there won’t be any guarantee that copies of the keys were not made. So, by replacing the key with a new one with the help of a locksmith in Edwardsville IL, you can ensure that lost or stolen keys are not used to gain access into your house.

Old locks 

Even the most secure locks get old over time, and it can become more stubborn and difficult to open. When you find it difficult to open your door lock, then you should consider changing or replacing it with a new one.

Recent Break-In 

In the event of a recent break-in, it is pivotal to change all the locks in your house as early as possible. Burglars may have damaged your door locks to gain access into your home, and this could leave your house susceptible to a repeat break-in or burglary. Seek advice from a professional locksmith in Edwardsville IL to get the best possible solutions for your security needs.

Moving in 

When you move into a new house or apartment, it is a good practice to change the locks because there is no way of knowing how many copies of the keys have been made and who has them.

It is always advisable to replace or change the locks by a reliable residential locksmith in Edwardsville IL service provider. With professional service, you can be assured of receiving exceptional and dedicated service to provide high level security to your house.

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