Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Miter Saw in Top Shape

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Miter Saw in Top Shape

Be it the Hercules miter saw or the saw from any other brand; it needs regular cleaning and maintenance to deliver the sharpest and the cleanest cuts for a long time. Let’s look at some of the top cleaning and maintenance tips for your miter saw.

  • Cleaning the debris – Dust and other debris would naturally collect and get stuck on the saw each time you use it. These must be cleaned every time after you use the tool. It can be eliminated from the saw by blowing compressed air over it. Be extra cautious about the moving parts of the saw and ensure that there is no debris left on them of any kind. After each blowout session; the saw must be wiped with a clean dry cloth to ensure it is completely clean and dry.
  • Regular checkup of the blade – It is natural that the sharpness of the blade will fade away after each cut. Thus, you must keep checking it and change it at the right time. Many Hercules miter saw reviews talk about the sharpness of the blade and the frequency in which it requires changing. You must always get the blade changed at the right time.
  • Checking the fence and table – It is equally important to check the saw’s fence and table. They too must be cleaned after each use. You must also check them for their flatness. This can be best done by using a framing square. Any inconsistency in the flatness would impact the results obtained during each cutting session. For any irregularity, an accredited technician’s assistance must be sought. You might get the help free of cost of your saw is under warranty.

Like the above-mentioned parts; the exterior moving parts of the saw, the kerf board, brushes and even the power cord should be inspected and cleaned regularly. This would keep the saw in top condition and make it safe to use.

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