Checklist for Office Fitouts: Step by step Guide

Checklist for Office Fitouts: Step by step Guide

Refurbishing and fitting out a new office can be extremely beneficial but, if not planned and executed properly, it can prove to be disruptive and costly. It makes sense therefore to select the best company who is a specialist in office fitouts in Perth , to guide you through the planning and implementation process of your relocation and fit-out.

So, how can you avoid the traps and pitfalls? Firstly, you need to find the right Perth office fitouts company. Secondly, spend some time reviewing and contemplating the guidance provided in this checklist to find a design and choose a fit-out specialist in whom you can have confidence and trust.

Planning Is the First Key Step to Take

Planning the move is one of the most stressful actions when undertaking Perth office fitouts.  In this case, checklist is a really useful tool.

  • Will the space and resources allow for optimum workplace efficiencies and easy communication?
  • Can you create a working environment that fosters employee motivation and wellbeing or that provides an excellent impression of your organisation to customers and stakeholders?
  • Does the premise meet all the necessary health & safety and disability access requirements?
  • Is the electrical and mechanical equipment in the building in sound condition and fully satisfactory for your demands?
  • Are the incoming communications in terms of IT cabling, fibre optics and BT lines completely satisfactory for your requirements?
  • Will the building and its location meet your needs in terms of on-site parking facilities and good transportation links?
  • How can the project be carried out with minimum disruption and downtime for your business?
  • To what extent is the tenant responsible for internal repairs to structure of the premises?
  • Is there tenant responsibility for repairs to the external building and site?
  • Does the lease exclude the tenant from responsibility for any pre-existing disrepair or defect in the building?
  • If the tenant installs any fixture in the premises, does this remain their property or become that of the landlord if the tenant wishes to relocate?
  • With a commercial lease, a landlord may insist on a licence to alter, which is a legal document forming part of the lease deal
  • This requirement can apply to both new build and older properties and can involve a lengthy process
  • To achieve a licence to alter, tenants may need to produce a design and specification document relating to the alterations proposed. As commercial office interior specialists, Glenside can assist in the preparation of these documents

Wrapping Up

Organising an office fit out can sometimes seem like a monumental task. If you’re changing the design of your building there are electric, fittings and general layout of the rooms to take into consideration, and all of that is before you even get to the furniture that’s required. If you want to make sure you’ve thought of everything for your new workspace, hire the right company, who specializes in office fitouts in Perth WA today.

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