Certified Arborist: A Career For Avid Nature Enthusiasts

Certified Arborist: A Career For Avid Nature Enthusiasts

What’s an Arborist?

If you find yourself wanting a career, but daydream about being outdoors instead of in a confined office space, then the wild world of arboriculture might be just the ticket. Much like any living thing, trees require maintenance and care; cue the arborist, or ‘tree doctors’ of our urban outdoor spaces.

A career as an arborist, or tree specialist, is a highly skilled job requiring the knowledge to properly identify a tree and its needs, met with the standards of legal safety requirements. Arborists train extensively in such disciplines as physics, chainsaw safety, geometry and proper crane operation. If you’re keen to work outdoors in an ever-changing landscape, ifyou are a passionate advocate for healthy trees and if you have a natural athletic ability, then pursuing training as an arborist could be just the career for you.

How do I Become an Arborist?

Training as an arborist can happen in a few ways. If you start early enough interning for a respectable company like Chipps Tree Care from the ground level, you can slowly build your skill set and certifications as you go and work with seasoned veterans. Many family-run arboreal companies have employees that span generations. However, more commonly people find their way into the field through formal training in horticulture, urban forestry, and other associates degrees in environmental studies and many arborists these days are opting to get their advanced ISA certification.

ISA – the International Society of Arboriculture – provides different levels of certifications which help arborists meet a standard of qualification in the field, and help potential employers vet for the most professional team members. For further research, the industry’s two major associations are; the International Society of Arboriculture and the Tree Care Industry Association.

When Should I Hire an Arborist?

The importance of hiring an educated and certified arborist really comes down to standards of safety. Climbing, removing or pruning trees, especially in an urban landscape, can be very dangerous and often requires the use of heavy machinery involving a specific skill set. This is just another reason why it is necessary for the general public to hire an arborist rather than trying to remove trees and stumps themselves. 

Proper tree care and its importance to the environment as a whole should not be undervalued, right down to the smallest community level. It is important for all of us maintain and care for the trees in our communities. Hiring an arborist is a great way to become familiar and more involved with the natural developments of your property and understand its true value.

So, if you are someone who loves to work outdoors and wants to work with land and business owners helping to create a clean, green environment with trees, becoming an arborist might be for you. Of course, consider joining a safety-oriented company and getting good training before attempting this line of work. Helping people with their trees can increase the value of their property and in turn will keep you in business. Becoming an arborist can be a satisfying and rewarding career.

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