Ceramic Tiles vs. Vitrified Tiles: Which Is the Better Choice?

Ceramic Tiles vs. Vitrified Tiles: Which Is the Better Choice?

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Tiles command an important position when it comes to décor. They add personality to any given space, and are available in different varieties, colors, designs, patterns, and sizes. Both ceramic and vitrified tiles are popular among the people and both serve the same purpose, but when it comes to their properties, composition, and cost they are poles apart.

A brief comparison of these in terms of their properties, and composition will help you in deciding which one will be a better choice for you.

  • Composition: Ceramic tiles are made using earthen clay, and water, while vitrified tiles are 40% clay and 60% silica.
  • Texture: Ceramic tiles have a slightly rough texture, while vitrified tiles are smooth with a glossy look due to their glass-like texture.
  • Slip Resistance: It is of utmost importance to see that tiles are not very slippery, especially if there are elderly people, and kids at home. When you compare vitrified, and ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles are very slippery when it is wet while ceramic is better. You can also add an abrasive grit to the ceramic tiles to make it further resistant to slipping.   
  • Look: The ceramic ones have a certain natural and earthy look, while vitrified tiles have an artificial look.
  • Other Advantages of Ceramic over Vitrified: It is always easier to fix ceramic tiles as they respond to the adhesives quickly than vitrified tiles. If you seek the services of professionals like Carreaux Metro ceramic tiles, then you can be rest assured that the job will be done perfectly. Ceramic tiles are less expensive, while in vitrified tiles high-quality adhesives are required to ensure the steadiness, which makes it expensive. If you use ceramic tiles, then they keep your energy bill also less. This is because they keep the house cooler during summers while adding insulating qualities during winter.

Both ceramic and vitrified tiles have their pros and cons and it basically depends on where you are planning to use them. If you want to use it in your home where the prime requirement is that it should be slip resistant, then ceramic is definitely a better choice. Also, it is always a more economical choice.

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