Carpeting and its Types

Carpeting and its Types

Carpet is a Latin devised word meaning “thick woolen cloth”. Carpeting is a trend that can be dated back to the 15th century and still never gets old fashioned. The tradition of carpets can be found in cultures all over the globe.

If you’re deciding on whether or not carpeting is the way to go for your interior floor planning, here are a few benefits of carpeting.

Benefits of carpeting:

  • Appearance and Style: Carpeting is a style statement that lets you design your floor interior whichever way you want and give it that dashing appeal when you’re presented with varying choices of colors, patters, designs to choose from.
  • Insulation: Carpeting is found to have much higher thermal insulation properties than hardwood flooring ultimately saying that carpeting conserves thermal heat and is proven to be a more feasible option in winters to save energy.
  • Noise Reducing: Carpets are a good noise reducing option due to their ability to absorb reflected sounds.  If you’re looking for that extra peace and quiet, switching to carpeting might be the way to go.
  • Safety: Carpets, being made out of soft fibers often reduce the impact of falls and prevent what ay otherwise be serious injuries unlike hardwood flooring, especially in the case of young children who’re more prone to falling accidents.
  • Maintenance: Carpets are easier as well as less cost-invasive to maintain and clean as compared to hardwood flooring. They are also comparatively lesser time consuming making them easier to maintain.

Carpeting is now divided into two main categories synthetic carpets and hand-woven carpets. Carpeting trends have evolved in the past years from the traditional, fitted, one of a kind carpet to a range of different selections for any and every interior let it be home interiors, hotels, offices and much more. The prices too can range depending on size, quality and material. Companies in the carpeting industry produce all types of carpets from low quality cheap carpets to the best quality 100% pure fiber luxury carpets. Carpeting is now offered in a wide variety of material options; wool, nylon, silk, sisal, viscose, etc., when previously you only had a limited number of choices

Area Rugs

Area rugs are an innovative replacement to wall-to-wall carpets. For one, area rugs and their easier movability and versatility accounts for one of its major benefits that attracts buyers. They’re also an option that won’t empty your wallets while you’re looking to design your interior and give it that extra pop here and there without restricting you to any limited options.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are another alternative option to traditional floor carpeting. Carpet tiles give more floor access while getting the carpeted look as well in a wide range of materials, colors, designs to help you achieve just the right look you want for your interior.

Wool Carpets

Even though the carpeting industry has established an extensive array of new materials for carpets, wool remains a classic favorite. Natural wool carpets are known not only to give that luxurious look to an interior but are still a popular option in carpeting interiors. Wool carpets were one of the very first materials used for carpeting and continue to be regarded as a flooring material that gives an elegant finish while being one of the best insulating materials for every type of interior.   

If you still have any doubts on whether or not carpeting is the suitable option to equip for your interior or if you can’t settle on the right material to lay your hands on why not head over to the website to visualize and choose from all the different options to find the perfect carpeting for you.

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