Breathing new life into the old, leaking roof

Breathing new life into the old, leaking roof

It rains for nearly one-third of the year in Maryland – which causes a large number of house roofs to leak, or show signs of seepage. A simple way to spot this is through discoloration and signs of weakness in the top structure of the house. Not only does leakage damage the pipes and the external part of the house, but it can also lead to the formation of mold and eventually diseases seep into the house.

Solving the leakage problem is essential

It, therefore, becomes important for homeowners to protect the house before it gets too late and the house becomes weak from within. A quick, easy, cost-effective and efficient way to do it is by installing a roof membrane. Not only does the membrane guard against leaks and mold, but also provides a protective coating against heat transfer, thereby saving on energy bills month on month.

Other benefits of the membrane coating

The membranes make the roof sturdier, protect against leaks and heat transfer. That said, these membranes are typically made of black materials, but these are more likely to fail since they are more prone to sun damage than other materials as the rate of heat absorption and dissipation is higher. More recently, companies are coming up with innovative ways in which these membranes are built and installed so that they last longer and still work in a way better than black membranes.

What makes the membrane so sturdy?

The core materials for these membranes are ethylene and propylene (EPDM) which are both derived from natural gas. These materials are good for low slope roofs. It is, however, more difficult to install. One would need a specialist and certified installers to install these types of membranes which make it a more expensive option.

Essentially, depending upon the type of house slope, costs and the requirement, homeowners can pick between the various types of membranes available in the market from various companies in their area. In case of preference towards EPDM membrane, one needs to look for a certified and experienced installer to do a good job.

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