Biohazard Cleaning Company Harrisburg Pennsylvania – What to Worry About During Blood Cleanup

Biohazard Cleaning Company Harrisburg Pennsylvania – What to Worry About During Blood Cleanup

There comes a time in life when you’ll be faced with the responsibility of cleaning blood in a crime scene. Whether you are cleaning up after an accident, crime or death, you will want a biohazard cleaning company Harrisburg Pennsylvania to assist you.

One of the simplest tasks is cleaning blood after a small cut or a not-so-severe accident. This should be done immediately after the accident. However, any blood spills or bodily fluids left for days on baseboards, walls, floors, etc can eventually become a breeding growth for mold and bacteria growth which can worsen your health condition for months or even years. Chances are you may not know that these body fluids are the root cause of your persistent failing health. Federal regulations consider all body fluids as hazardous and as such only professional biohazard cleaning company Harrisburg Pennsylvania can treat the clean up correctly.

Process for Blood Cleanup

To have a perfect understanding of the right blood cleanup procedures, let’s discuss a few situations you may likely encounter.

Biohazard cleaning procedures are not as easy as you imagined. For many people, they think getting a bucket, a mop and some disinfectants will do the trick. What you don’t know is that the task requires a lot more. When you see blood stains on the floor, the first thing that should come to mind is that the blood is from an individual who probably has a contagious disease. Even if the blood is from a loved one, it is best to make this assumption. This might be the one thing that could save your life.

Before cleaning the blood stains on the floor or carpets, learn to protect yourself. Use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and follow the right blood cleaning procedures. If you use the right gear and wear them correctly, you will significantly cut down the risk of getting any infection. Not only that, it offers the greatest safety net for individuals to limit their exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

The next thing to do is to locate where the blood is spilled. If the blood is on the carpet, then you should remove the stained area completely. In this case, you may want to consider using a carpet knife. That’s a great idea. But know this, carpet knife can easily cut through your skin, leaving you vulnerable to infectious disease.

If the blood is on the mattress, then you have a big problem. Removing a mattress even without blood is a daunting task not to mention one soaked with blood. Microscopic droplets of blood could infect the individual removing the mattress. Also, it can affect every area that the mattress is carried through.

Professional biohazard cleaning company Harrisburg Pennsylvania will use their specialized tools to cut the mattress into bits and place them into biohazard bags. This way, it is easier to remove the mattress from the house without infecting the carrier or the area the item is carried through.

Blood cleaning is indeed a difficult task, so its best left to the hands of professionals.

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