Bio Bidet Launches A New Smart Toilet Seat, Called “Slim Two”

Bio Bidet Launches A New Smart Toilet Seat, Called “Slim Two”

Bio Bidet started to fund their new campaign via Kickstarter for their “New Smart Toilet Seat.” With a funding over $25k, is it enough to make it stand out before the year ends?

Hmm, what is Slim Two?

Bio Bidet defines their new product as the solution to the people’s bathroom problems. It reformulates the home bathroom experience with the best features that the other brand might not have. Slim Two is shiny, brilliant bidet with exclusive components for an economical price.

The company’s Marketing director even releases a statement for this campaign, which makes it more appealing to buy. James Amburgey said that Bio Bidet is here to present a whole new level sanitation and hygiene. James thinks that water release is a lot better with Slim Two.

However, the new Slim Two smart bidet toilet seat is only available for U.S customers, and it is designed for the contemporary American homes.

What can Slim Two do?

The Slim Two smart toilet seat gives the consumers an option to upgrade the personal cleanliness to their bathrooms. The company’s bidets are known to have a healthier replacement to toilet papers. But there’s more! Slim Two overtures a smart sensor that has a heater water on it plus a glow in the dark or night light and many more.

Slim Two is also incomparable because it has a smart functional remote, a power save mode to lessen electricity bills and a massage. The people can also modify its temperature and water pressure factors.

Why should the people buy Slim Two compared to other bidets?

The company creates this newest feature that has a current plumbing for their users. Slim Two also has a four-foot power cord, newest technology, which can connect it to an existing outlet nearby. Bio Bidet also said that it is easy to set it up because it has parts for the installation process.

The company also has a customer service representatives or CSR who works 24 / 7 to assist their US customers with the person’s smartphones and tablets. Every Bio Bidet’s smart bidet has an installation guide and manual just in case the buyer had some trouble in an inauguration.

At the price of $169, United States citizens can buy the Smart Two Toilet Seat via Kickstart today.

Bio Bidets Background

The United States-based company establishes their reputation by giving out world-class bidets to their valued customers. Their mantra is a quality beyond expectation, which can unleash their fullest potential to bring more smart bidets and best technologies in their products. Bio Bidet also provided five essential factors why should people trust their product, and here are some.

  • The company believes on what they are currently represents
  • Bio Bidet has a variety of world-class models which can suit the needs of many people
  • The company also has unique and patent technologies.
  • Like what we’ve mentioned, the people can expect quality beyond expectation
  • Bio Bidet also offers standard service beyond the people needs.
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