When you consider your work pay per hour and the amount of hours you spend doing your cleanings, drying, washing, mopping alone. You ask yourself whether it’s worth the effort, time and money etc. Then consider how much a weekly or monthly maid service would cost. Chances are that hiring a cleaner would be cheaper than the amount you would pay yourself for these tasks.


  • Get your Kitchen Disinfected

Hygienic kitchen implies healthy meals. Get your kitchen surfaces and cabinet wiped and sanitized. Our services will offer you the best housekeepers in London and guess what, these housekeepers in don’t offer below par services. Some of the kitchen chores they attend to include: Clean hobs, empty bins, clean microwave, clean all skirting’s.

  • Clean the living room

Polish and dust the furniture in the living room, clean all accessible surfaces, mop the floor and clean the skirting’s, get the gadgets arranged and appliances set in order.

  • Clean all Bedrooms

Do you wish to start getting to work punctually? Well, you may want to consider getting one or some of these housekeepers to help ensure that your bedroom is tidied each morning. You no longer have to worry about laying your bed, cleaning your floor or getting your duvet to laundry.

  • Hallways & Staircases

Some people sometimes forget the significance of a clean staircase/hallway and this is because their usage isn’t as frequent as the bathroom or living room. Still, they deserve constant tidiness and you can be sure that once you hire some of these housekeepers in London your hallways will surely take a new shape and appearance.

  • Sanitize your bathroom and toilet

With regular usage, toilets and bathrooms may develop some unpleasant odour if not properly attended to. There is a health risk in that and of course no one likes to fall ill, which is why you need to consider getting a housekeeper in London to keep your toilets and bathrooms clean always. It is their jobs and they do it with utmost professionalism, you can be sure your toilets will be neat and ready for usage each day you get back from work.

                                            Everything happens online

Why go out searching, when you can get the best housekeepers in London right on your smart gadget? Worried about the timing, scheduling and availability? Well, we have made your world a lot easier by bringing that perfect housekeeper in London to you all in just a single CLICK.

                                                         How Alpha works

Simply visit our website or you can use our App to connect with your choice housekeeper. Here’s how it runs – upon visiting our website or app, you just tell us where to locate you and how big your home, apartment, building is. We will then connect you with top-rated home cleaning services professional to help ease your routine tasks.

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