Barrels Are Versatile – Allow Your Creativity to Flow and Create Interesting Home Decor

Barrels Are Versatile – Allow Your Creativity to Flow and Create Interesting Home Decor

Aging barrels have their own identity. They are hollow cylindrical containers made from wooden staves and bound by metal hoops. For centuries beverages like wine, whiskey, cognac, beer, and sherry got matured in these barrels. Barrels are made from French or American white oak. After the casks have done their task of imparting flavor to wine or whiskey they are recycled.

If you admire rustic environment in your home then it is a clever idea to incorporate salvaged wood that reveals a traditional story. You can keep the casks in one piece or de-construct them for using the metal hoops and wooden staves to create a totally new home décor.

Interesting and creative barrel home décor ideas

Stylish Table

  • Two barrels can be used as base to support a long table top.
  • Two barrels can be incorporated as a supportive base for Kitchen Island. Both can be joined with a curved wooden construction with finish and texture similar to the barrel.
  • Single barrel can be cut into half and used as two unique side tables to decorate the living room, bedroom, or reading corner.
  • If you own a wine cellar in your home then the barrel can be turned into a table without any makeover. It fits in the environment just place few stools constructed from staves around it.
  • Small barrels look cute and if there is one with right dimension then you can transform it into an exquisite bed-side nightstand with a new re-stain.
  • Split a whiskey barrel into half horizontally. Add broad legs and a spacious tabletop on it. The tabletop with hinges allows you to use this coffee table as a storage space, as well.

Intriguing seating arrangement

  • Wine barrel chairs are designed to give your body a good contour and support for head to toes. The staves are given the accurate amount of angle for comfort, while being seated on them.
  • Enjoy wine barrel love seats with the loved one on your side.
  • Barrel cut into half and placing a cozy round cushion transforms it into an ottoman. This can be used as coffee table too.

Wine corner

  • Select an appropriate sized barrel that fits ideally as a wine rack. Drill appropriate sized holes that can hold the bottles.
  • Cut the barrel horizontally. The straight side needs to be at the back and in the curved side make a square cut from top to bottom and divide into two equal parts by inserting a curved shelf within. This can be used as a mini bar.
  • Barrel has a grand shape, so you can transform it into ice chest. Cut it into half then cover three fourth open parts. The inside will hold a lot of ice and the small opening to hold wine or whiskey bottles. Raise this barrel ice chest on supportive structure or make stand from metal staves.

Bathroom decorations

  • You would enjoy soaking in a giant bathtub, especially if your bathroom or backyard is spacious.
  • Dissemble and modify old Bordeaux barrel into bath vanity, vanity top, and mirror. Apply custom blended wax for protection. You can think of old times and high quality wines stored in cellars.

Add curb appeal

  • Barrel top can turn into a succulent garden and its horizontal side can be opened up for adding your pets cushion.
  • Barrel planters can also add a mini fountain.
  • Barrel dog house is functional and pleasing to the eye.

Barrel recycle ideas will never end. A large or small wine cask can add creativity to a rustic décor.

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