Bad Habits of HVAC Owners

Bad Habits of HVAC Owners

HVAC, like everything in your home needs maintenance. Because you aren’t doing it weekly, we usually forget to check is everything okay with our furnace, air conditioning or other systems. Sometimes to repair these systems can cost like buying a new one, so it is better to have someone to take care of it than risk having larger problems that can cost more.

It is best to listen when HVAC professionals give us advice. Depending on the system you can have more or less work to do. If you don’t know what the problem is, but you are suspicious, it is better to call someone like an air conditioning specialist in Virginia Beach than make a bigger problem.

Changing the Filter

The number one thing you should do every month is to change your filters. Having pets mean that they shed and it eventually gets into the filters, so you need to change them sooner. It is very important not to forget it because when it becomes clogged with dust it will do more bad to the environment than good.

When they aren’t clean it will take longer to cool or warm the house which also implies that you will use more energy. This also means that your bill will be larger. The other problem is that it won’t catch dirt anymore which will end up in the system. This dirt can cause damage to other sensitive parts of the system which are more expensive to repair.

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Scheduling Maintenance

There are many companies or agencies that are doing HVAC maintenance through a yearly contract or you can just call when you think there is a problem to fix. It is recommended to do this twice a year depending on the system. Professionals already know where to look for if there are signs of a problem.

Maintenance usually means that they will clean what needs to be cleaned, check for problems and see if anything needs adjustments. It is better to have a contract because they will inform you when it is the time to check the system. Most of the issues you can solve by yourself but with a pro it is much safer.

Ignoring Small Issues

Many of us don’t consider small issues as issues at all. You can see leaking AC everywhere you go, so we think that is a normal thing. Also, sometimes it makes an unusual sound which we ignore. But, that is where the problem begins. You can ask any HVAC agency about these small issues and the answer would be that every problem starts small.

Leakage is the most common problem and you should call someone once you notice it because it can escalate. It is routinely fixed and will take less time to finish. When you have a larger problem, not only that the repair costs more, but also you will pay more on hour. Read more on this page.

Repairing and Blocking Airflow

The biggest mistake people make is trying to fix everything alone. Most of the problems you can fix, but when you summarize everything you end up with a larger bill. You will be able to fix most of the issues, but when it comes to the one you mess up, the damage becomes larger and also the bill.

Return air ducts and air vents are set up strategically to distribute the conditioned air everywhere in your home. When you are redecorating your home, you can make a mistake and block the vents with the furniture. You will receive uneven heating because you are blocking the air flow.

Making Adjustments

Much energy is used when you are starting up the system. We tend to waste a lot of energy by changing the settings on the thermostat constantly. Smart thermostats know to do their job, so when we mess with them in order to make the room warmer, we make it to hot so we again need to change the settings.

A great tip is not to pile things near the outdoor unit. It is usually placed in the backyard where kids place their toys or stuff they don’t use frequently. When a stronger wind comes, it can push stuff towards the unit and block the ventilation. The area around the unit should be clear.

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