A house may be made from steel and brick, but a home is made from passion and aspiration:

A house may be made from steel and brick, but a home is made from passion and aspiration:

And every good home should be made with the most sturdy and durable materials. With the onus on maintaining the ecological balance at a smarter budget, traditional building materials are giving way to more pliable, cost-effective and durable solutions. 

EPDM meaning, constitution, and applications:

EPDM is the new thing in roofing solutions. It’s an extremely durable synthetic rubber proofing membrane. EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene terpolyMer. Oil and natural gas provide the two basic ingredients, Ethylene and Propylene. It is available in the market in Black and White shades. EPDM roofing material is generally sold in the market in two grades of thickness viz, 45 mm and 60 mm. It is bonded as a membrane with the seams in the roofing systems with the help of liquid adhesives or specially formulated tape. This rubber product was initially used in door seals, window seals and trunk seals in cars. Gradually they found their way to provide good insulation in walk-in refer doors. Today, they are also used in vehicle radiators, washers, belts, solar panel heat collectors and many more

EPDM roofing solutions – Enhanced durability guaranteed:

EPDM is generally recommended for flat and low building roofs. The primary concern with flat roofs is leaks. This happens due to poor workmanship installing the roof membrane. So what makes EPDM the viable roofing membrane choice? If installed properly, EPDM has a life expectancy of approximately 22 to 35 years. Available at a very low costing, it is extremely easy to install. It is highly malleable in nature and can even be ballasted with stone to improve it’s appearance. This roofing is fairly durable and does not scratch easily. In case of a leak, roofing membrane pieces together with latex tape or liquid adhesive can patch it up well. Although black in color it does not get damaged by sunny climate.

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