A few tips to prevent winter roof leaks from melting snow

A few tips to prevent winter roof leaks from melting snow

Winter season in a snow area provides scenic and attractive views for a photo shoot, however, it is not as lovely as it seems because winter season comes with many challenges such as; leaky roofs. Changing temperature and melting snow make loose shingles, cracks and worn sealants that cause water leakage issues in attics and other part of the home. If you have already notice warning sign of a leaky roof, you need to get in touch with a roofing company in Oakville as soon as possible. A few tips to prevent roof leaks from melting snow are rationalized under.

  • Pay attention to vulnerable areas:

The more probable area where leaks usually happen are plumbing vents, chimney and skylights. Leaks occur more likely when the sealants around these areas are worn out. When you see any warning sign of water damage or leaks, you can easily explore the cavil using a cable wire or satellite.

  • Install a drip edge:

Installing a drip edge is the most preferred way to protect the eaves from leaks, wood rot, and more severe water damages. Moreover, the drip edge also helps in keeping away unwelcome guests like insects, rodents and snakes. You can schedule your appointment with a roofing company in Oakville for installing a drip edge in your home.

  • Wash the home’s gutters:

Gutters are usually ignored and it can cause leakages problems. You must examine your home’s gutters twice in a year and clean them regularly. You may also get them cleaned professionally or install a barrier to ensure their drainage properly. If you make sure that your eaves troughs and gutters drain away from your home, you can reduce the potential for leaks.


  • Test the attic:

The another thing you should check is your home’s attic, takes a look on a regular basis inside your attic can help you in spotting soaked insulation, mold, algae stains on plywood, clogged vents or moisture vents before they extend into bigger issues.

  • Deal with Weaken parts of your roof:

While inspecting your roof leaks, if you get any weak areas in roof shingles or around the edges of roofing substance, deal with the addressed problem as soon as possible before it gets worse. Despite waiting until the summer, schedule your appointment with the best roofing company to tackle your roof leaks. Still, if the water has not begun to leak through the roof, get it repaired and maintained to save you money and time. 

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