6 Winter Trends to Embrace This Season

6 Winter Trends to Embrace This Season

As summer fades into a distant memory and the colder weather creeps in, there’s no escaping the physical changes outside that remind us winter is here. With the dark nights drawing in, we’re turning our attention to the year’s final season, bringing you plenty of ideas to help you refresh and revitalise your living space for the months ahead.

From this season’s fashionable colours to fresh furnishings, we’re breaking down 6 stunning winter trends that you won’t be able to resist trying out.

1. Marvellous monochrome

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Tipped as one of the biggest trends for the end of the year, monochrome interiors are just as fashionable as ever. Black and white interiors are a winning combination and this season offers plenty of new ways to achieve the look with funky geometric prints, modern furnishings and black and white accessories. The contrast between black and white is guaranteed to deliver a distinct aesthetic, which can be softened by introducing different textures and copper accents for added warmth and depth.

2. Add panache with block colouring

This funky trend that puts blocks of colour together in one space is still proving to be popular for winter. If you can’t decide on one particular colour or you’re looking for a bold and beautiful finish, then get creative with block colouring this season. From geometric shapes in bright, contrasting colours on the walls to multi-coloured soft furnishings, you can add bags of personality and a contemporary style to any area in your home.

3. Go green


The shift to winter welcomes the use of darker and deeper greens. Update your kitchen with pine green units for a striking effect or simply add emerald and forest green accents to neutral palettes for a more subtle approach – complemented by wood, leather and cream elements, it will create a stunning finish. You can also introduce greenery using indoor plants with rich, dark green hues to create an enviable and natural aesthetic.

4. Carve out a cosy corner

Welcome winter in style by carving out a cosy retreat to escape the gloomy weather outside. The perfect place to achieve this look would be a bedroom or bathroom, where relaxation is the main point on the agenda. Blend crisp whites and creams together with other neutral tones to create a cosy atmosphere.

Think about adding snug throws and cushions to your bedroom, while incorporating bathroom radiators and natural accessories to your bathroom, that will help create a serene and peaceful space. Of course, you can also add a touch of brightness by complementing your fresh palette with warm and welcoming colourful floor tiles, finished off with a fluffy rug or bath mat.

5. Add flourish with bold florals

If you love vintage interiors and want to make a unique style statement, then this season’s move towards floral wallpaper and accessories will be right up your street. Bright and bold florals are the order of the day and make for an impactful aesthetic – whether you go all out with big print wallpaper or just update your interiors with some floral flourishes. From hand picked flowers to beautiful feature prints, you’ll welcome the injection of colour on a gloomy winter day.

6. Bold as brass

Our love affair with metallics is remaining strong, but the soft, rosy copper accessories we’ve been seeing are making way for more rustic, aged brass items instead. To bring a classic look into your home this winter, hit the car boot sales and antique shops to find beautiful brass trinkets to add character and vintage charm to your home interiors – be it brass door handles, old-fashioned taps or brass ornaments.

With so many different seasonal trends to choose from, you’re sure to find a style that suits your tastes and delivers a bright and exciting new look this winter.

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