4 Vital Bathroom Overhaul Do’s & Don’ts

4 Vital Bathroom Overhaul Do’s & Don’ts

Bathroom overhaul looks so simple yet they involve intricate work. While there are many things that need due consideration, mentioned below are the important ones that need to be incorporated into any type of bathroom renovation job, no matter how big or small the project may be:

4 Do’s of Bathroom Overhaul

  1. Do Begin With an Excellent Layout Plan in Place

Though it is recommended to keep your plumbing where it is; however if you’re fully renovating your bathroom, be brave enough to modify if the current plumbing isn’t working well enough. Sometimes plumbing that appears complicated may turn out unproblematic and affordable in reality. At other times, when you think it’s straightforward it may actually cost you dearly. However, if you don’t modify the bathroom layout and just keep it, as is, and later after all the renovation work gets over you find out that the renovated bathroom hasn’t become more functional despite the cosmetic alterations, you’ll be frustrated because you’ll realise that all the pains taken for renovating the bathroom has just gone in vain. Therefore, prior to spending your valuable time in redesigning the bathroom layout, it is imperative to consult an expert local plumber near you to find out what options are available to you.

  1. Do include storage in your bathroom layout/ design

A good bathroom design demands proper storage. At least, a vanity should have adequate storage space. Well, a recessed mirror cabinet or an integrated storage space somewhere that’s handy would be a better choice.

  1. Do Choose Fitting Finishes

Bathrooms are compact spaces that remain humid. Ensure that the products you buy are relevant to your bathroom decor in terms of material and colour choices so that they suit your bathroom for longer. Remember, in such moist conditions, low-cost or super discounted products deteriorate faster. As far as colours are concerned, keep the things neutral. With a bit of creativity and at no additional cost, you can get a timeless look. Ensure finishes not only look awesome but also are convenient and effortless to clean.

  1. Do Consider Your Budget

It is very important to remain realistic about your budget. Get an idea of how much your bathroom overhaul would cost you. What budget you have set apart for the project (That means how much you can really spend). Agreed, it is not something very interesting to do but looking at your finances will assist you to get an idea concerning what parts of the renovation are important and workable and what is unimportant and avoidable. Nonetheless, there are certain things that you can perform to keep your project well within your budget.

  • Get quotes from professional bathroom renovators before finalising on whom to contract.
  • To save on the labour cost, consider performing some of the work yourself such as looking for wholesale shops within your locality that will allow you to buy quality materials at discounted rates.

4 Don’ts of Bathroom Overhaul

  1. Don’t Assume Clear-Cut Alterations Aren’t Achievable

Well, not everyone out there would have the budget to completely redesign and change entire bathroom layout right from scratch. Thus, it is imperative to know how some careful and smart modifications can change the overall look of your bathroom decor.

  1. Don’t Choose the Latest Fad/ Fashion

Don’t choose the latest fad because they date in as little as five years. Instead, go for an eternal or ageless look with the inspiration of something novel so that your bathroom remains fresh and modern for longer.

  1. Don’t Compromise on the Tapware

There is an inclination to cut costs on tapware by purchasing low priced taps, showerheads and spouts. Well, the opposite is true! If a problem comes up shortly after the bathroom renovation is accomplished, and the problem is detected behind your newly tiled wall due to a tap or plumbing error. To solve this error, all of your tiles and wall sheeting has to be taken apart, and then have the work executed, refit the wall sheeting, redo waterproofing and tiling. This entire procedure is neither easy nor cheap! That’s why it is imperative to shop around for high-quality tapware of reputed brands and use the services of an experienced plumber to install everything for you. The main thing is – never ever compromise on quality tapware and tap fittings.

  1. Don’t Compromise on Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories like robe hook, towel ring, single or double towel rail, toilet brush holder, toilet roll holder, toothbrush holder, bath set etc. must be selected with utmost care. Ensure you buy these bathroom accessories of reputed brands so that they will serve you longer as well as exude a refined look.

Don’t look further if you want practical guidance for making your bathroom renovation a success! These handy and practical tips will help you to turn your bathroom into a paradise.

Bottom Line

A nice bathroom design looks fantastic whereas a smart bathroom design not only looks fantastic but also is user-friendly (i.e. easy to use) and functions seamlessly.

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