4 Reasons you should have an architect design your home

4 Reasons you should have an architect design your home

An architect should be responsible for designing any building you intend to construct, especially when it comes to your dream home. Architects, through years of schooling, study, licensing examinations and experience, have been able to muster the ethics, capacity, and ability to design and oversee the construction of your dream home, making sure no mistakes are made and you are satisfied. There are 4 reasons you need the service of an architect when building your dream home.

#1: Architects are professionally trained to design houses

Contractors and builders sometimes take on the role of designers, but the truth is it doesn’t belong to them. Their job is to build according to the design of an architect, just as a medical doctor is not a dentist and should refer patients with tooth problems to a dentist. If you want the best design that will produce a durable home that is as aesthetically pleasing as possible, then you should hire a proficient architect for the design.

#2: Your home is one of the most important things you’ll own in your life

There’s no place like home. Your home should give you peace of mind, shelter, and satisfaction, and should make you feel loved and at rest. Your home also usually houses those that are closest to you; your family, the most important people in your life.

Your home is the only place you always have to go back to, not perfunctorily but because we all want to. You should give priority to protecting an asset of this importance by ensuring it is built correctly. Give the matter the credence it deserves by hiring an architect, especially a resident architect like Stendel + Reich.

We all have a picture in our head of how we want our homes to look. Many times, this plan doesn’t exist in already-made plans and built homes. There’s always something off, something that doesn’t fit. Satisfaction can be found by working with an architect. The best part is, architects listen to you. You tell them what you want and they analyze, do their job and give you the best you can get. In the end, utmost satisfaction can only be gotten from a skilled licensed architect.

#3: You can fall into the wrong hands

Building without a professional architect means incurring the risk of being cheated and overspending on a sub-standard house. An architect provides you with construction documents containing a critical analysis of what needs to be done. This document prevents contractors from bidding for higher prices for materials and unknowns. Without an architect, contractors can charge you for materials you don’t even need. Unexpected charges will always spring up during construction and this could frustrate you.

Have you heard of people paying contractors to build and those contractors disappear? A licensed architect doesn’t just draw plans, he superintends the building, overseeing the construction at every stage. With a licensed architect, you can rest assured that your contractors are genuine because it’s part of your architect’s job to make sure they are.

#4: Healthy house, energy efficient

The house plan your residence architect will design is going to be a healthy one that will save you a lot of money in the future. Your investment in an architect will eventually pay off. For example, damage and repairs will definitely be less frequent later on. If you want a house that is energy efficient and also incurs fewer monthly bills, then you need an architect proficient in this balance.

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