4 Popular Basement Ceiling options

4 Popular Basement Ceiling options

Long ago people use basements for storing their goods, but now they are installing basement ceilings. There are many advantages of installing a basement roof, which involves converting an incomplete room into a useful place. There are many popular basement ceilings options. What you pick depends on your budget, your progress skills, and electrical wiring. You can check out range and offers of basement ceilings by Snap Clip.  Once you place the roof, you can opt your basement as a room for your family, bedroom or small flat, which you can lend for some additional money. There are four basement ceilings options that you will find in many homes today.

  1. Drop Ceiling or Suspended Ceiling: If you want a quick solution to renovate your basement ceiling, go for the Suspended Ceiling. It is a temporary solution for immediate use and keeps it for the long run. These ceilings are required metal frame and ceiling tiles that swing from the ceiling joists. You have to arrange tiles on that lightweight metal frame and ceiling is ready to go. This is the faster way to get your roof ready.

You will get basement ceilings by the Snap Clip at an affordable price. Drop Ceilings are also very convenient when it comes to ventilation systems and wires. For that, you have to remove a section of the tile where you want to gain access.

  1. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles: You should go for this type of roof if you’re going to stop noise from or to the basement. These sell out mostly because of its capability to prevent unwanted noise. Like Suspended Ceiling tiles, these tiles the same way and you can remove the tiles for accessing different things also.
  2. Drywall Ceiling: It is the difficult one and more expensive option than suspended and acoustic ceiling tiles. The only disadvantage of using drywall for your basement ceiling is that you restrict access to pipes, wires, and anything else behind it.

If you wish to color the ceiling to match the basement interior decoration, take into account putting in a drywall ceiling.

You have to hire a professional basement contract to do the painting because it is hard to fix. I would suggest that if you need or want to do your plumbing or electrical work, do not go for Drywall Ceiling. Then, choose from Suspended basement ceilings by the Snap Clip.

  1. Stretch Ceiling: Stretch Ceiling is a more costly option than the suspended ceiling but offers for a great looking basement. You can install it flat as well as “stretch” it into a 3D formation. It’s made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride membrane). The suspended panels look like 3D or curved panels. They are available in many colors. If you enjoy a freestanding, aesthetic look, then give a stretch basement ceiling from Snap Clip a try.
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