3 Types of Blinds for Conference Rooms

3 Types of Blinds for Conference Rooms

The company conference room is sort of the heart of the workings of the business. It is where the entire office comes together to brainstorm, hash out ideas, discuss problems and make important announcements. Important meetings are held there, which can take several hours. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the interior décor of the conference room is warm, comfortable, and also professional. The furniture, carpeting and other décor should be elegant and in keeping with the ambience throughout the rest of the office building.

It should also take into consideration the technology and other facilities that are installed within the conference room. This can include widescreen monitors, AV settings, conference-call tech etc. The conference room should also allow a certain level of privacy for those meetings that require it. On the one hand, this should mean reducing the visibility from outside, so that the proceedings within the conference room are kept out of sight. On the other hand, drawing the blinds and putting the conference room in darkness is not really an option.

In such a setting the window treatment and the blinds or curtains used on the glass walls and doors make a huge difference in maintaining the comfort and privacy of the conference room. The right type of window treatment also ensures that enough sunlight streams into the office without disturbing the audio-visuals. Where open windows are not an option, especially if the conference room is air-conditioned, or if there is excessive traffic noise outside, like in most cities, the blinds or the window treatment can make or break the ambience in the room. These are the aspects to take into consideration when you buy blinds online for your conference room.

Here are 3 window treatment ideas that could be most suitable for the conference room of a modern office:

  1. Vertical blinds: these are a great option for your conference room, as they are easy to use and also complete the look of sleek and simple lines and the subdued elegance of an office conference room. There is a wide array of options for vertical blinds online, with different materials, coloursand These can be fitted for your ceiling-to-wall windows, or smaller windows that let in a limited amount of sunlight. These can also be installed in windows or glass doors that face inward, to give you a certain amount of privacy.

Roller blinds: these are another popular choice for office conference rooms. They are versatile, and roller blinds online come in dozens of shades, coloursand patterns. These are also perfect for controlling the light streaming into the conference rooms. They also absorb outside noises to give you a calmer and more relaxing environment that is conducive to serious work.

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