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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Artificial Lawn in Top Shape

High quality artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, however there’s still an upkeep required to keep it in top shape. Once the artificial grass installation in Sydney is done,


The Elements of Interior Design

The main and consistent elements of interior design have been well documented and learned about through the years; but some have been left by the wayside in favour of a

Home Improvement

Secrets to Getting the Most Out Of an Accented Wall

By painting an accent wall, you can add life to a room and emphasise an existing focal point. In fact, painting one wall with bold hues helps you add a

Home Improvement

How to Choose Kitchen Tiles

Tiles are a clear big hitter for kitchens, with people often choosing to have them both on the wall and the floor. Whether you’re designing a new kitchen or just


Creative Home Lighting Ideas with LED Strips

With the advancements and developments of LED lighting technology, gone are the days of slow-to-warm-up cold white LED bulbs. The wide variety of LEDs on offer today open the door


Choosing the Best Material for your Door

When deciding upon the material of your new door there are a number of significant factors to consider including; the strength, the wear, the maintenance, the aesthetic, the insulation and