When deciding upon the material of your new door there are a number of significant factors to consider including; the


Resin flooring, specifically epoxy, has quickly become the most commonly used type of flooring system throughout a diverse range of

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Renovating your home can be a great way to give a new look and feel to your house without spending

Sandstone is widely used as a paving material for a variety of reasons. With tones similar to beach sand, it

Non-functioning door locks can make your house susceptible to burglaries and intrusion. A secure door lock is the first line

High quality artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, however there’s still an upkeep required to keep it in top


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What are the Common Causes of Black Mold Growth?

Do you know indoor air pollution such as dampness and mold, and other biological agents are the primary cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide? In fact, indoor air pollution is


Kudos Louvre Roof Systems – 180° Opening Louvre Roof System

Built in a free-standing frame, Kudos Louvre roof systems are suitable for your pergola, veranda, patio and more. They offer protection from scorching summer Sun and maximises winter sun. They