Great Options In Hanging the Clothes Now

Great Options In Hanging the Clothes Now

No wardrobe or a clothes closet can do without hooks the great variety of which includes numerous models. In the modern world, life without these simple and uncomplicated, but at the same time handy accessories can no longer be imagined – they have become part of everyday life of any civilised person.

For commercial enterprises and the atelier, this is also an equally important: Correctly  chosen hooks indicate a serious approach and guarantee the proper presentation of clothes.

Many designs are explained by various key points, according to which you should make conscious choice.Clothes spend much more time on the hooks than on the owner wearing them. You can visit Coatrack and get the best choice for the same now.

Attention – to the material

The primary materials for the manufacture of hooks were and remain plastic, metal and wood, each of which has its requirements for quality, strength and durability:

Plastic hooks are the cheapest and lightest of all. Due to their fragility and tendency to deformities, as well as cracking under a substantial load, they are practically unsuitable for storing outerwear (jackets, coats and especially coats), but they can easily cope with light wardrobe items – trousers and skirts, blouses, dresses, shirts, etc. You can also visit rack&field-asin=B07H3X2HVD now.

  • Textile angers with soft foam filling are ideal for storing things made of delicate fabrics: chiffon, satin, velvet, etc.
  • Metal hangers have more excellent durability.But their ten dency to deformity depends on the specific metal from which they are made: light aluminium will bend under the weight of a coat or suit, but it is quite suitable for storing shirts, T-shirts, dresses.

Quality wooden hangers made of natural hardwood are the most expensive representatives of the class. However, from whatever material they are made, the surface must be carefully treated: polished and covered with a layer of lacquer safe for human health. Surface uniformity is one of the critical requirements for this type: the burrs and grooves that spoil clothes with hooks and puffs are significant drawbacks for not very high-quality products. Regardless of the performance,the wooden hooks are also characterised by the inevitable abrasion in the process of use.

The advantage of some models of lanyards, both plastic and metal, is the presence of clip-on-clip on the slat for neat storage of skirts and pants in the suspended state. Wooden hangers bring a unique nobility to the orderly rows of things.


For the storage of light items of clothing, such as blouses, shirts, dresses and suits, any coat hook will suit, but the choice of hooks for outerwear should be taken more carefully: not every model can cope with the oppressive weight of a coat or fur coat.

This is possible only with high-quality wood and metal hangers with an adequately sized size of “shoulders” and an internal crossbar that adds the degree of reliability.

The classical form (usual hooks-hangers with an internal crossbar or without it) is suitable for “frame” clothes, not allowing them to deform and hang up ugly: blouses, cardigans, jackets. Trousers are conveniently placed on one or several (depending on the model) internal crossbars: this kind of free hanging will not allow the product to be creased.

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