Ant Control: Why Should You Keep Your Food Items Protected at Home?

Ant Control: Why Should You Keep Your Food Items Protected at Home?

All homes have pests, whether they are cockroaches, rodents, flies, fleas, termites, spiders or ants. Hence, it’s not uncommon at all to have bugs loitering around various locations in the house.

Pests are not only bothersome; they are also harmful to your general health. You can even get life-threatening diseases from them. You can get polio from cockroaches, leptospirosis and meningitis from mice and food poisoning from ants.

This article focuses on a small, yet damaging insect – ants.

Why Are Ants Difficult to Purge?

Ants may be small, but they reproduce so quickly that they can invade your house in large colonies. One ant nest can house a million. These insects work in groups, especially in their main task – gathering food. To survive, they need to transport crumbs of edible materials to their nest.

That’s why they’re attracted to your home. It’s a haven for all kinds of sweets, seeds, fruits, vegetables, bread, cheese, nuts and everything that you and ants consider as food. Once these tiny insects have penetrated every possible opening in your home, they will find the most suitable spots for dwelling and bring the whole colony with them. For this pest, it’s the best way to secure food.

If you’re living in a place with unpredictable weather conditions, you may find it difficult to exterminate them. They will consider your house as a safe and stable environment to build their nest. Hence, they will find a suitable space where they can start a new colony.

Simple, Fool-Proof Ways to Ward Off or Prevent an Infestation

If you find it hard to manage the infestation in your house because you’re always away from home, you may be thinking of paying a building and pest inspection specialist in Perth to help you resolve this issue.

But if you believe the situation’s manageable and these insects haven’t completely taken control of your residence yet, here is a list of things you can do.

  • Keep your food items in sealable containers.

If there’s no more room in the refrigerator for non-perishable items, keep it in airtight plasticware instead of just stashing them in the pantry drawers. Believe it or not, once these pests can find even the narrowest opening, they can penetrate your drawers in an instant.

  • Never leave your food lying around.

People always forget about cleaning their spaces after eating. These insects can detect and smell food crumbs lightning-fast. You should then make sure to clear your table, desk or flooring of droppings immediately after eating.

  • Check your house for signs of an ant colony.

A common telltale sign is scattered wood shavings from damaged walls and ceilings. See if the wall beside the cupboards has thin, long cracks. Ants may be living inside these cavities. If you’ve found a crack, seal it with plaster.

  • Use natural, eco-friendly solutions.

A lemon spray diluted with water is a great ant exterminator. Black pepper can also ward off these insects. If you have borax, mix it with baking soda and sugar to attract the ants. This solution kills them once ingested.

Despite being tiny, ants can cause huge damages to your home and even to the health of your household. Therefore, it’s a must that you call in ant control service on the Gold Coast to stop the infestation at once.

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